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Your go-to supportive enabler of comfortable child carrying for all child care providers, antenatal care givers and parents.

🤩 Sling Workshops to help build your baby’s brain by carrying them and to help you find a comfortable carrier, are held in Diss Morrison’s, Long Stratton Children’s Centre, Attleborough Children’s Centre, Carbrooke, Diss Cornhall, The Play Patch in Bunwell, Wymondham’s Childrens Centre, IMPS sessions in Diss, Safe Hands Day Nursery, Charles Burrell Centre in Thetford, or pm us if you would like us to travel to your home for a one-to-one Consultation. 

Carrying your infant helps protect their mental health, helps breastfeeding, promotes bonding with the family, frees up your hands, helps with colic and reflux, helps your back, promotes healthy bone and muscle development, easy to get around town or on public transport, aids language and communication development and may help Post Natal Depression 🤩

🤩🤩 For more info pm us or go to our website https://kangaroo-together.co.uk/upcoming-pop-up-sling-hire-meets/ where there are blogs on PDN, Reflux and more, together with free tutorial videos and preloved and new slings to purchase.  We also sell teething clips and necklaces and leg warmers 🤩

Stretchy sling hire for newborns is free (t&cs apply). 

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