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I am a mum of three, birth nerd and qualified hypnobirthing teacher.  I offer bespoke one to one hypnobirthing classes across Norfolk as well as small, friendly group sessions from Rowan House Health & Wellness Centre in Hethersett, South Norfolk.

I am passionate about birth, empowerment and the importance of informed choice.  I believe all women are designed to give birth calmly and comfortably, they just need the knowledge and tools to give them the confidence that they can!

My sessions include such topics as:

  • The physiology of birth – what actually happens to your body and your baby during labour, and how best to support this process.
  • The removal of fear – how to stop the cycle of fear, tension and therefore pain by informing yourself about what to expect during labour
  • The power of the mind – how our thoughts and words have an affect on our bodies and our hormones
  • The key role of the birth partner – how they can best support you physically and emotionally to allow labour to progress smoothly
  • The importance of informed choice – I will equip you will all the information you need about the healthcare system you will be immersed in when pregnant
  • Communication – I will assist you with how to effectively communicate with your caregivers, how to ask the right questions and how to have confidence in your own expertise as parents
  • Relaxation – how to effectively tune out your conscious mind and allow your body to completely relax and do what it was designed to do.

All in all, my course will give you the confidence and knowledge to look forward to your baby’s birth with excitement and joy, as all couples deserve to, and ensure that you and your baby receive the very best start to family life together.

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