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I have the best job ever! I get to hang out with amazing families, get invited to gorgeous homes and do what I love all day long. My camera gives me the power to bottle a family’s essence and create precious mementos to treasure forever.

To me you can’t get anything more special than a selection of family photographs for your wall or family album, it’s so easy to forget to take any or remember to take some when you’re all together. That’s where I can help! Based in Norwich, Norfolk and also covering Suffolk and London I can photograph you in the comfort of your own home or at a place spacial to you.

When I was growing up, my Mum created my siblings and I some amazing memory books. Inside, mine had birthday cards, locks of hair, little souvenirs and lots of photographs capturing key moments, family fun and silliness, and all those bad haircuts! Today, it’s one of my most treasured possessions. I grew up with my two brothers, one sister and two step-sisters and there was always something going on! My Mum’s style of family photography was to snap those fleeting moments of us running around, tumbling over and roaring with laughter. She caught the atmosphere of my childhood perfectly, and now that’s what I love to do for others.

How do I work?

I don’t do posing. I believe that the best family photographs are the ones taken when you’re unaware and just ‘doing your thing’ – giving your baby a bath, reading a story, putting socks on little feet in the morning. Tiny family moments sometimes make for the most touching and precious family photographs. Ensuring you are relaxed is really important to me. I don’t give instructions or construct images. Instead, I potter about, observing from afar and laughing along with you. You’ll hardly notice I’m there. I offer a couple of packages depending on your needs but all my photos sing with the color, joy, laughter (and sometimes tantrums and tears!) of family life.

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