Your baby check list

Recently I’ve been writing a list of what you need when you have a baby, and I thought it may make for a good blog!

So between bathing, cooking tea and watching Corrie (Yes, I’m a big Corrie fan!) voila … a list for all you beautiful parents-to-be! (This is from our own experience!)


  • A moses – *we bought a lovely Snuz Pod for our little girl and she just wouldn’t settle in it, she preferred the moses which we could rock her in (and was much cheaper) – so be warned, although there are some really lovely options available, your baby may not like them!
  • We have an app called ‘White Noise’ – and it’s BRILLIANT! No need for costly lullaby toys which need turning on every 20mins, you even get to choose from White, Brown, Violet, Pink noise (and plenty of others)
  • Some cosy, light weight blankets you can layer up with in the moses/pram/car seat
  • A good quality sleeping bag
  • Swaddle blankets – you’ll only need 1 before your baby arrives as you may find he/she doesn’t like being swaddled, so save your pennies and if baby loves a good swaddle then you can buy some more later on
  • A few sleep suits to keep them warm, even for the summer as you’d be surprised how cold they can get


  • Lots of cheap baby grows – both long and short sleeve – the cheaper the better as these will most likely end up in the bin.
  • A couple of cute newborn/tiny baby outfits for meeting the family/your first trip out and seeing all your visitors – but no need to go overboard as you’ll all be in your pjs for a while. Check for sizing – it may be best to get a few newborn outfits and a few ‘Up to 1 month’ as you never know how big your baby will be!
  • Little mitts as their hands are all over the place in the first few weeks so these will stop them from constantly scratching themselves – you can buy these in packs for pennies!


  • A baby bath is super for the first few months and saves on water
  • A little jug for the bath to pour water over the back of their heads – later on you can use it as a game
  • We have a ‘cuddle towel’ which clips around your neck so you can lift them out and get them dry much more easily
  • Nappy rash cream
  • Some baby friendly oil or moisturiser so you can give them a little massage after the bath
  • TONNES of cotton wool pads for their cute little bottoms
  • Nappy bags to pop your nappies/cotton wool in to help keep the room smelling nice
  • TONNES of wipes – don’t underestimate how many you’ll need
  • Plenty of nappies
  • You can buy cheap, washable changing mats which are brilliant for throwing on the bed to do a quick change in the night – rather than going to another room and getting them sorted there! Also handy for trips away!
  • Thermometer
  • For you: maternity pads!


  • TONNES of Lanolin or equivalent if you’re intending on breastfeeding
  • TONNES of breast pads if you’re intending on breastfeeding
  • A few bottles incase you need to express to alliviate some of the pain from breastfeeding in the first few weeks (breastfeeding can be tough at the start)
  • An electric breast pump – again just incase (the manual ones take SO much longer)
  • Atleast 15 muslins – this may seem like a lot but you go through so many in the first few weeks and depending on how good your baby is at night, keeping on top of the washing is sometimes just.too.much!
  • Easy lounge wear and a few nursing tops and bras
  • We used a Gro Light at the start which was great as it kept the light low and didn’t wake our little girl too much during night feeds


  • Pram – test LOTS! There are so many brands out there!
  • Isofix and car seat – you can still use the older car seats which fix in around the seat belt but the isofix style has proven to be safer, it’s easier to put into the car and it’s recommended by everyone. The difference between how the 2 move around in the car and their general feeling of being safe is incredible!
  • Blinds for the car
  • Mirror so you can keep an eye on your bubba


  • Cot
  • Changing mat / changing station
  • We have a Gro Egg to tell the temperature
  • Nappy bin – there are lots of proper nappy bins, but a bin with a lid is just as good


A store of chocolate, biscuits and in general – carbs! Your first few weeks can be tough and the last thing you feel like is eating clean and starting your postnatal diet. Stock up on treats to get you through the long nights – it WILL make you feel better!

Winter Baby

  • A snowsuit which is small enough to wear instantly for outings
  • A few hats, which again are small enough – don’t buy too big as by the time they grow into them it’s summer!
  • A couple of pairs of booties

Summer Baby – *Note that babies shouldn’t go in direct sunlight for around 12months – so where possible keep them covered, although this is much easier said than done!

  • A sun hat
  • Baby sun cream
  • Sun glasses – we found some super ones which wrap around their head so they can’t pull them off

Not essential – but great to have

  • An automatic rocker so you don’t get repetitive strain in your ankles by day 2
  • We didn’t use a Sleepyhead/Cocoonababy (or cheaper equivalents) – but I know people who did and they swear by them!
  • Changing bag with a changing mat included – some places you go to change your baby when you’re out can be a little grim
  • A play gym which makes noises and has flashing lights – having seen so many different play gyms this year I think babies really enjoy the sounds and lights!
  • The odd toy / baby book – but no need to go overboard as the first few months they’re taking in their surroundings and your face – we went OTT on these and I realised I could have just bought them a few months later second hand!
  • A prep machine for making bottles – these have had a bad press recently – but for 1 bad review there’s going to be a lot of good reviews and we’ve had a great experience with ours AND it’s made life much easier
  • A nursing pillow
  • Milton tablets for sterilising bottles/dummies/toys

No need to buy items at the start

  • Dummies
  • Baby monitor – you’ll find he/she is always with you so put this on your list for a few months in
  • Toys and books – before having our little girl I wanted everything to be new for her, but I quickly realised that second hand goodies were perfectly fine and saves LOTS of money!
  • Bath toys
  • Calpol – make sure this is in the cupboard for their first set of jabs
  • Breast milk freezer bags


So there we have it! When I was sent a similar list I couldn’t believe how much I needed to get – but having your first baby is pricey! Where possible beg, borrow (but don’t steal) to help save the pennies! I spent hours comparing prices of items on my list – Ebay and Amazon were great.