Our Induction Part 1 by Amy and Jamie at Live and Let Dye Clothing

Through the blur of the gas and air I heard two things, “Amy, baby’s heartrate is faltering” & “Remember what we said”. One was from our midwife, the other from my Husband, Jamie.

I want to bring you a real-life snippet of what it’s like to be induced, a partner’s experience when they’re watching labour first hand, and most importantly why I heard these two things above anything else!

My name is Amy (and I run Live and Let Dye – a baby and children’s clothing business based in Norfolk) and my husband is called Jamie, and this is our journey to becoming parents for the first time!

So, we’re sitting in the consultant’s office after my first ever New Year’s where I didn’t go out or have friends round or wait up until midnight, as I was that stereotypical heavily pregnant woman… fat, grumpy and BEYOND tired. Anyway, as I was saying, we were sitting in the consultant’s office and we had just been told that our baby was getting very big and that they were going to induce us early on January 18th. We had a date our little girl would be here, OR SO WE THOUGHT!

I had had a fairly easy pregnancy, and apart from the expected sickness my least favourite part was actually getting a bump, rather how quickly I got a bump. I was showing from around 8 weeks and by 15 weeks there was no mistaking we were pregnant, not to mention by 25 weeks I couldn’t see my feet (good job it was winter because there was no hope for my poor legs which were sporting a fairly decent winter coat! 😮)

Before walking onto Clay Ward on the Thursday 18th Jan I had read the handouts they’d given me and I had spoken to a lot of people.  The main points I had picked up on was that A: This process is going to hurt a lot more than a normal delivery and B: Don’t be a hero, the pain relief is there for a reason, so take it. The handouts had plainly put that induction could take 72hrs to kick in, so working from the Thursday that meant I would be a Mum by the Sunday. WHEYHEY!

We were checked in by our first midwife and given our bed and given some snazzy pressure socks as I would be fairly inactive over the next couple of days in comparison to normal (they were so hard to get on that Jamie had to help me). I was then told to get undressed from the waist down for our first pessary which would stay in for 24hrs. Annoyingly, my cervix was as hard and as closed as it possibly could be and I would need everything to get my body to go into labour. Everything? I asked, so this was the list I was given. (And I’m assuming what any lady going through an induction would be told).

First is the 24hrs Pessary, then 2 x 6hrs pessaries … and if you need it the doctor can give you a 3rd 6hrs pessary. If at any point your cervix becomes dilated enough to break your waters then you can stop and you will be put in the queue for the delivery suite! If you get to your 3rd pessary and it’s still not worked, then they wait 24hrs and start the process again (argh, please not me)

So, we had the first pessary which took us to Friday evening (still nothing), we then had the second pessary AND the 3rd. So that was 3 out of 4 that I’m allowed before having to take a 24hrs break. We’re now going into Saturday so my estimations of being in labour and having a baby by the Sunday are slowly slipping away. I was also watching ladies come in and within hours go over to delivery – over and over again. Why was my body not co-operating as well as theirs was!

It’s now 6:30am Sunday morning, and this brings GOOD NEWS! “I can touch the babies head and we can break your waters… we’ll get the doctor to check you out and as long as they agree, you’re in the queue for delivery” FINALLY! But wait, I then get told the queue for delivery is 20 HOURS, IF there are no extra emergencies! NOOOOO! It gets better … later that day delivery gets shut as it’s so busy, meaning noone from the ward can go over to have their babies until further notice (which apparently doesn’t happen that often – I just happened to be induced at a very busy time of year, so ladies about to have an induction please don’t worry too much about this happening to you – and if it does, don’t panic, the hospital has this scenario covered to make sure your birth goes smoothly).

OK, so I’m stuck until further notice …

Part 2 later in the week, love Amy and Jamie x