My placenta journey – talking all things placenta encapsulation

I cannot express how much I love eating my placenta – (or to make it a little less squeamish – placenta encapsulation)!

But it’s not just placenta encapsulation I love! The birth (and following weeks after birth) of my 2nd baby has been made a lot easier and chirpier with the help of Nikki from Cherished Placentas. I put this down to being able to put all the goodness of the powerhouse which my baby was living off for 40 weeks (well, in my case 39 weeks) being put back into me through smoothies, pills, face oil and body creams!

I dabbled in placenta encapsulation with my first born and felt stronger and brighter after birth than I ever expected – my skin and hair glowed, so I was sold on the benefits as I was physically seeing them! So naturally I NEEDED to do this again, and as fate had it – Nikki appeared in my life! Nikki emailed to get involved in the April show this year and I instantly got super excited … fast forward around 7 months and she’s played a massive role in the drama of ‘The Atkinson’s as a family of 4’. (And boy was it a drama in the first 4 weeks – doctors, hospital visits galore, house clearing – the list goes on)


I’ve heard and read lots of stories of ladies who have benefited from their placenta, even down to when woman have small pieces of placenta put between their gumline and cheek to be sublingually absorbed. This has been seen to facilitate clamping of the uterus and has helped stanch bloodflow – as stated by Margarett Scott, a certified midwife practicing in Oklahoma.

So my placenta journey began 6 weeks ago with a post birth smoothie, which I will NEVER forget! Firstly because my hubby had to ‘pack up the placenta’ in a bag, ready for Nikki to collect. It was HUGE! And he was disgusted! (He supports my placenta loving ways, but that’s not to say he wanted to participate in it!) Nikki collected the placenta just an hour after birth and came back a few hours later with the most amazing smoothie I’ve ever tasted! The smoothie had so many berries in you couldn’t tell there was any placenta! Infact I had no idea if I was sucking up berries or placenta! But what I did know was that it was AMAZING! And it left me feeling bubbly, bright and on top of the world!

Now, I know many ladies feel amazing post birth, but I didn’t with my 1st so to feel so bright and ALIVE so close to giving birth, when I naturally would have started to feel a little rotten from hormones and sleepless nights, I believe must be down to all the nutrients I had absorbed in the smoothie! Not only did I feel good, my hair and skin instantly felt amazing and the initial introduction for our 1st born felt easier to handle with all the energy I had. I will never forget this feeling and just how incredible it tasted!

So that’s my low down on placenta smoothie … I have so much more to talk about, but I don’t want to bombard you with too much information in one go, so I’ll be doing a few more blogs before xmas on everything else I’ve been trying and enjoying from Nikki!

If you’re even remotely interested in what you and your babies placenta can do for you after birth do get in touch with Nikki, she will also be with us at our xmas fair at The Forum on 9th December and the next big show in April!

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