What First Aid Emergency are Parents Most Scared Of? And What Are They Doing About It? A great blog from Joe at Mini First Aid

I recently created a short poll on the Mini First Aid Facebook page. The idea was to find out the answers to some very basic questions – had parents attended a specialist baby and child first aid course, which area of a Mini First Aid two hour class did they think was most important and had they ever needed to carry out first aid.

The answers weren’t too surprising – by far the biggest worry for parents was choking with over 65% of people saying this was the most important topic covered on the two hour class, This is something I see a lot of at classes. Many parents book just because they are worried about what to do if their child chokes. I can see why – choking can happen to any one of any age at any time – babies, children or adults. Unfortunately in my time working as a nurse in A&E I have seen for real the devastating effects choking can have. But I have also looked after many children who have been brought in following a choking incident when they have been saved by a quick thinking parent. Knowing the correct way to help someone who is choking really can make the difference. When do you start to act? What age can you do abdominal thrusts on your child? When you do back slaps? There is a lot of poor practise out there partly due to guidance changing over time and the general public not being aware of these changes but also due to tv programmes showing the wrong thing too!

Interestingly once people are on a class they realise just how much benefit they get from the class as a whole – for example people never book a class just because they want to learn how to treat a burn (everyone knows how to treat a burn right?!) but during the burns sections on the class they often realise that they did not have the appropriate knowledge to deal with a burn safely and efficiently. The feedback I receive is that people tend to get something from every topic covered even if they thought they knew everything there was to know!

But the other really interesting thing I found from my poll was how few people had attended a specialist baby and child first aid course. Over 65% of those who responded hadn’t completed a course. When I launched the poll I wondered if these results might be a bit biased – after all the poll was posted on the Mini First Aid Facebook page so surely people who had attended one of my classes would be more likely to answer – but apparently not. Just 35% of parents in this poll had spent two hours of their time to learn some potentially life saving skills at a Mini First Aid class or a similar class offered elsewhere.

Why don’t people book on to a course? I guess there are a number of reasons but what I do know is that those who do certainly don’t regret it and find it is both time and money well spent.

Mini First Aid Norfolk delivers baby and child first aid classes to parents, grandparents and carers. The classes are delivered in a relaxed and comfortable style and cover the basics of life saving first aid giving you the confidence to know what actions to take if faced with a medical emergency. Each two hour class covers Choking, Meningitis, CPR, Bleeding, Head Injuries, Fractures, Burns & Febrile Convulsions- all for just £20 per person. We, at PABS, are looking forward to joining Joe in the New Year!

Classes are taught by Joe, a father of three, who is a registered paediatric nurse with extensive experience working in both Accident and Emergency and Community Paediatrics.

Full class list online or on the Facebook page (www.facebook.com/minifirstaidnorfolk). Booking is essential – email joe@minifirstaid.co.uk or go to http://norfolk.minifirstaid.co.uk/book-a-class/